YakoCasino is YOUR Casino! YakoCasino is YOUR Casino!

YakoCasino is YOUR Casino!

We created YakoCasino because we felt that the game was getting stale and we needed to do something different and exciting. Our goal is to offer a superior customer experience to all players regardless of VIP status through personalisation and best-in-class design.

We’ve given all our clients our full attention – we’d like to focus on you now.


Why Yako?

YakoCasino was created with the intention of offering superior gameplay, customer experience and player value on the market. Our innovative personalised approach makes us confident that we’re on the right track, and we’d love to share our success with you.
Excellent Player Value
We are committed to provide the best player value in town
No negative carry-over
Start off each month with a fresh page
Super Commissions
A glittering max of 40% commission each month
EU Licence
We’re licenced and based in the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta
Best Games
YakoCasino offers over 800 exciting games from the biggest casino game providers in the biz
Quick Payouts
We get all our payouts done and dusted by the 4th of the month


At YakoCasino we strongly believe in karma. For this reason we will always reward your loyalty and hard work with some of the highest commission rates in the industry. YakoAffiliates offers the opportunity of earning as much as 40% revenue share each month.
Negative balances bring us down. For this reason YakoAffiliates will never carry them over to the next month, even if one of your players wins big during a particular month – hand on heart, you will start the new month on a clean slate.


YakoAffiliates pays out all of its commission by the 10th of the month. Simply indicate which of the below payment methods you prefer from the list below:
Payment Method
Minimum Payment
Withdrawal Fee
Player Account
Bank Wire Transfer
Simply login to your account to set your preferred payment method, or get in touch with one of our Customer Experience Agents to sort this out for you right away.

Marketing Goodies

In order to gear you up to share YakoCasino far and wide, we’ve put together a wide range of tools and resources in order to help you on your quest. Of course, we’re also offering access to reports and all that other nifty stuff in order to help you monitor the performance of any resource you choose to use.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, please give us a shout!
We’ve got them in all shapes and sizes, already embedded with your affiliate code - let us know what you’ve got in mind and consider it done.
Our newsletter templates have been designed with a conversion focus, maximising its value through your database.
We’ve figured out what makes players smile and with that in mind, will be sending out regular updates about new game releases as well as bonus and jackpot information.
YakoCasino offers advanced reporting facilities granting you full access to your stats with just a few clicks.
Page Peel Banners
This nifty media banner is located in the top corners and come readily encoded with your personalised affiliate code.
Text Links
These scantily dressed links allow you to link directly to YakoCasino in an easy and effective manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YakoCasino Affiliates?

YakoCasino Affiliates is an affiliate program of YakoCasino. Taking part will allow you to earn money by promoting YakoCasino on your website or by referring players directly to us. We’re offering is a cut of the revenue your players generate through deposits. YakoCasino is all about you too – we look forward to sharing our success.

Why YakoCasino Affiliates?

Just like all the best things in life, joining YakoCasino Affiliates is 100% free. This means that you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose – yet stand the chance to gain a profit! Do we need say more?

Beam me up Scotty! How do I sign up?

We’ve got a registration form waiting for you right here! Type your way through the necessary details and once we’ve reviewed and approved it, you’re ready to get started!

My website’s all geared up. How much money am I making?

Once you’ve successfully logged in to your YakoCasino Affiliates account, click on Commissions and take a look. YakoCasino doesn’t believe in any hidden costs or fees so what you see is actually what you get!

How long will I keep receiving money from my players for?

As long as a player plays with YakoCasino, you will still get a share of the profit that they are generating – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Got an account! Now what?

First, login to your account and pick any banners or links you intend adding to your website. Next, pour yourself a drink and let the internet work its magic – you’re in for a treat!

Are there any costs involved?

Nope, hand on heart joining YakoCasino Affiliates is absolutely free!

Oh dear! What’s my password?

Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link right next to the login button on our YakoCasino Affiliate page and we’ll sort that our for you right away!

Can I take a look at your Terms and Conditions?

Why of course buddy! They’re right here!

Sounds awesome but I still have more questions! Who can I speak to?

Our Customer Experience Officers are more than willing to answer to any queries you may have, or supply any further information you might require. If we’re online we’d love to have a chat, otherwise drop us a line by email and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

What sort of money are we talking about?

YakoCasino offers a minimum commission rate of 25% - and that’s just the beginning.

How will I get paid?

We use bank transfers, Skrill, Teller and player accounts as our means of payout.

How can I add links to my site?

Login to your YakoCasino Affiliate account and click on [My Media]. Now take a look around and pick the banner that suits you best, or create a text link. All you’ve got to do now is copy and paste that link to your site – easy peasy!

How are you tracking my players?

Every banner you select from [My Media] has a secret tracking number attached to it that has been assigned to your account! Whenever a player visits YakoCasino using your link this tracking code is identified and stored in a cookie on the player’s device. Whenever the user logs in, YakoCasino recognises this player as being your referral and automatically tags that account as yours and will generate commission on that player for as long as s/he keeps playing!

Sounds about right but still got more questions!

No worries! Get in touch with one of our Customer Experience ninjas via live chat, or drop us a line by email if we’re currently not around – we’ll get right back at you!

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